Osteopathy is a practice of physical techniques and corrections around a core belief of patient empathy and ‘treating the patient, not the condition’. Our osteopaths will take the time to understand their patient, and their unique combination of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle.

Largely hands on, osteopathy treats across the whole body and can be applied to treat a wide range of conditions; joint, muscle and organ related conditions.


Hands on

Advice on exercises may be given to promote health and prevent symptoms reoccurring


Back pain
Neck pain
Knee, elbow and wrist pain
Postural problems
Pregnancy pain
Sports injuries


Our Team

Initial Treatment

This is an hour long session where we will conduct a thorough case study, giving your osteopath an immediate overview of your health. They will then do a physical examination to determine the cause of your pain and discomfort. You will then be given a report of findings, where your osteopath will explain the diagnosis and tailor a treatment plan to follow. Typically, this will take up to 45-60 minutes; when time allows, your osteopath will begin immediately with your treatment.

You will be encouraged to take an active part in your osteopathic treatment, with a mindfulness of diet and daily exercises to keep you on track between appointments. Your osteopath will give you a Report of Findings and an estimate of how many follow up treatments you may need.

Standard Treatment

Following your initial consultation, your treatment visits will consist of a 30 minute sessions, where treatment is aimed to relieve symptoms, improve function and promote healing. This time will also be used to consider areas of imbalance in your lifestyle that may inhibit your recovery, such as a lack of physical activity, diet and extended work stress.

Following Treatment Sessions

Osteopathy is a safe form of non-invasive treatment with a very low rate of adverse reactions. Should you feel a bit sore or achy after treatment, it should ease within a few days. This occurs because your body is adjusting to changes made through treatment. Think of it like starting to exercise after an extended inactive period, its working muscles you wouldn’t normally use.

If you have concerns involving unusual pain, please feel free to contact our clinic for advice or bringing a follow up treatment forward.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

At your first appointment, prior to beginning any hands-on treatment, a full consultation will be completed. This will involve talking a little bit about your medical history and a discussion of what you’d like to gain from your treatment.  

What do I need to wear?

Anything you’re comfortable in. Your therapist will advise you if you need to remove any items of clothing during your appointment. Modesty will however be maintained at all times.

What if I experience any pain/discomfort during my massage treatment?

Massage, particularly deep tissue, can be uncomfortable at times but if something doesn’t feel right let your therapist know immediately. It may be that there needs to be a positional or pressure change. Deep pressure is incredibly effective for releasing muscle tension, but it should always be a pressure that you are comfortable with.

What if I am self-conscious about certain areas of my body?

Please just let us know if there is an area of your body which you would like us to avoid. We are more than happy to adapt your treatment. As we hopefully build a trusting client/therapist relationship, we’d hope that this would become less of a concern, as massage is incredibly beneficial for all areas of the body!

Are there any potential side-effects of massage therapy?

Depending on your treatment, you may experience some of the following after your treatment: increased thirst, aches and pains, more frequent trips to the toilet, fatigue, bruising, redness, changes to sleep pattern and a heightened emotional state. Not everyone will experience these side-effects but if you do, they shouldn’t last very long. If you have any concerns just ask.

How often should I have massage treatments?

Following on from your treatment we can make some recommendations based on your needs and what it is you’re wanting to achieve from massage therapy. It is however entirely up to you whether you just want a one-off treatment, multiple treatments in order to tackle a particular issue, or regular treatment. Regular massage is of course beneficial for a number of reasons, but we understand that this is not always feasible.

How often will I need to come for treatment?

Each patient and their condition(s) are unique and treated according to what our practitioners feel best. They will give a recommendation of the best treatment length for you with our affordable packages, placing your health first. Sometimes it's one or two, other cases, it can be five or ten.
We make recommendations on a wealth of experience and professional expertise.