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InTune is a multi-disciplinary manual therapy clinic that delivers premium care and expert treatment for every patient. We use complementary medicine to relieve all manor of conditions and meet the needs of every patient based on their condition and individual experience.

Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Affecting 4 out of 5 people within their lifetime, back pain is one of our most frequent complaints. With a complex network of nerves, joints and muscle, there is often associated pain and discomfort radiating into the groin or legs. Most cases, whilst very painful, can be helped quickly and effectively, especially if seen promptly.

Neck Pain

A common problem with a lot of causes, it's often associated with stress, driving or postural problems and most cases aren't serious. Your neck has a 24/7 job, and it takes a toll over a lifetime. Treatment can help identify any mechanical cause as well as suggest lifestyle/ nutritional changes.

Tennis Elbow And Golfers Elbow

Repetitive strain and shocks are placed on the elbow in sports like tennis and golf, that over time can damage the joint. The condition is not limited to golfers though, any hand, wrist or forearm motions that you do can cause it. We address it by improving the flexibility and range of joint motion.

Sports Injuries

Whether you're a top athlete or a new starter, injuries happen. Treatment can benefit people of all levels of performance; to speed recovery, restore normal function and prevent injury. For minor injuries, we often recommend sports massage with advice you can follow.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain from sedentary lifestyle, from trauma or from an unknown cause can occur at all ages and for a variety of reasons. Shoulder pain can be rather complex with so many complicated joints and muscles. Treatment focuses on identifying


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Specialises in joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue, treating general musculo-skeletal conditions

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Specialises in relieving tension and tightness, and improving the overall performance of the body and mind

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Specialises in  rehabilitative care, trauma induced injuries and women's health

What's the difference between osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractics?

Philosophy and training. Each profession is standout in its own right as incredible forms of complementary medicine and changing lives for the better. What's really important is how experienced and effective the practitioner is: You can check reviews and research their practice to find this out usually.

It's important they hold themselves to a high standard, and here at InTune, we set the bar high for quality treatment.

What can I expect when I visit the clinic?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, leisure wear works fine. Clothing that you can remove without too much pain or can be pushed aside is ideal, as we will generally need access to the skin. Our team are a friendly bunch and we value our patients privacy and comfort. Our treatment rooms are spaces where we encourage open communication in confidentiality, so don't be shy about having a chat.

Depending on the treatment and if it is your first visit, we will consult your medical history to determine how to proceed with treatment. Our practitioners are trained to spot conditions that may not be appropriate for treatment and can refer you to a GP in those special circumstances.

Do I need a doctors referral?

You don't need to see a GP before booking an appointment, unless it is a stipulation of your insurance plan. If you are paying independently, you can book in anytime. In rare events, your practitioner may refer you to a GP and give you a clear explanation why treatment might not be appropriate.

Can I treat my pain at home?

You can practice mindful habits that improve posture and reduce strain on affected areas, and perform exercises that strengthen and maintain muscles and joints; we recommend swimming and yoga! These are gentle forms of exercise that are incredibly beneficial for your body. If your pain prevents you from practicing self-care however, it's best to come in for treatment to address the problem and get you back to normal.

We always advise never to perform your own manipulations at home. Professional manual therapists are highly trained to pin point small idiosyncrasies through a developed technique of touch. Incorrect treatment can increase damage and pain, or result in irreparable damage in extreme cases.

What about Insurance?

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